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Michelle McDonald Wheeler and Martin Smith

Welcome to a fan site for former Canadian champions Michelle McDonald Wheeler and Martin Smith. The entertaining Canadian ice dancers have since retired from the sport, yet during their short career developed a unique fan base throughout Canada and the world, known for their modern and exciting choreography. Martin is now in the legal field, while Michelle is a successful coach and choreographer based in Cambridge, Ontario and is married to coach and former pairs skater (with Canadian Champion Michelle Menzies) Kevin Wheeler. Michelle and Martin's final competitive performance was in June, 1997, when they finished third at the American Open in Illinois. This fan site celebrates their unique and modern contribution to the sport.


  • Birthdays: February 1 (Michelle)/January 14 (Martin)
  • Hometowns: Abbotsford, B.C. (Michelle)/Woodstock, Ontario (Martin) 

If you have any information about Michelle or Martin to contribute, please contact me.


  • 1st, 1991 Canadian Figure Skating Championships
  • 16th, 1991 World Figure Skating Championships
  • 5th, 1991 NHK Trophy
  • 3rd, 1992 Canadian Figure Skating Championships
  • 3rd, 1992 Durasoft Colors World Cup Championships
  • 3rd, 1992 U.S. Open Professional Figure Skating Competition Masters Cup ("Bossa Nova", blues)
  • 4th, 1993 Nutrasweet Challenge of Champions (jazz)
  • 4th, 1994 Northwestern Mutual Life World Team Skating Championships (4th as team and individually, skated to "Jambalaya" and "Blue prelude")
  • 4th, 1995 Northwestern Mutual Life World Team Skating Championships (4th as team and individually, technical dance unknown, "Wicked Game" as the artistic program)
  • 4th, 1996 Jefferson-Pilot Legends of Figure Skating Competition ("Give me one reason", "Blue Spanish sky", "Glorybox")
  • 3rd, 1997 Jefferson-Pilot Legends of Figure Skating Competition ("#1 Crush", "You don't know me", "Give me one reason")
  • 3rd, 1998 American Open Pro Skating Championships ("#1 Crush", "Perfect day")

With partner Jo-Ann Borlase, Smith won a national bronze medal in 1989 and won his first national title in 1990, whereas McDonald finished 2nd with former partner Mark Mitchell (not to be confused with the American skater) in both 1989 and 1990.

Skate the Nation cast members
Skate the Nation cast members, including McDonald and Smith

As the team has retired and has been out of the media spotlight for some time, it is a challenge to locate articles and reviews of this team and their performances. Below is a sparse list of available McDonald and Smith resources and articles online.
  • A champion in the making (Jean Sonmor) 1991 article from the 1991 Canadian National Championships, mentioning Martin Smith and then-partner Jo-Anne Borlase, and rival team: Michelle McDonald... and Mark Mitchell.
  • Figure Heads (Frank Orr) 1991 Canadian Figure Skating article


  • "#1 Crush" (Garbage)
  • "Glorybox" (Portishead)
  • "Give me one reason" (Tracy Chapman)
  • "You don't know me" (Jann Arden)
  • "Perfect day" (Lou Reed)
  • "Blue Spanish Sky" (Chris Isaak) 
  • "Jambalaya"  
  • "Wicked game" (Chris Isaak)
  • "Blue prelude" (Taborah Johnson)
  • "Bossa Nova"
  • Selections of Spanish guitar music (1990-1991 Free Dance) 
  • Selections of 1930's speakeasy music (1991-1992 Free Dance)

Michelle McDonald and Martin Smith
Skating to Garbage, 1997 Eaton's Skate The Nation Tour

Below are links to Youtube videos of Michelle and Martin's performances at the 1991 World Figure Skating Championships:

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